Women Rock

Women Rock

CJ Starr has chosen her five personal favorite female love stories that Starr has authored. These quickie reads are about women who love other women. For the first time, these stories are available in one collection for your convenience and reading pleasure.

Seducing the Boss is about a woman who lusts after her boss.
Erica’s Dilemma finds two girlfriends in bed together over a long Tahoe weekend.
Hot Desking I and II are the most delicious short stories about two women who share a desk at work and after their shifts end, enter into playtime, each other.
Christmas Menage is a triple female treat to be read all-year.

Seducing the Boss
Erica’s Dilemma
Hot Desking I
Hot Desking II
Christmas Menage

C. J. Starr is the bestselling author of the City Girl Series, about women with high ambition and libido to match. C. J. Starr writes great sex!

Available at major online bookstores in print and ebook. CJ Starr has chosen 5 of her favorite f/f stories and put them in one book for you to love, read, and savor. Presenting Women Rock by CJ Starr! Available in print and ebook formats at major ebookstores worldwide!

Women Rock: A Collection of Short Erotic F/F Stories

ISBN: 9781618290588
16,766 words


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