Valentine by CJ Starr

CJ Starr

My name is Cleo Jane Starr but my friends all call me C.J., and no, Cleo is not short for Cleopatra. Although I think I am as beautiful as most Egyptian Historians have depicted her, my real claim to fame does not lie in my physical beauty but rather in my erotic views and my sense of sexual romance and the ability to pen down my sexual exploits and those of a few others.

This story is a fictional account of my closest friend and intimate, Gloria Valentine. This is her real name and I am using it here with her full permission. The fact and fiction stated here, is such that only Val herself can separate the absolute truths of this tale.

Valentine is a short quickie read for grown ups only. It’s about 12 pages, it’s one of my super shorties, but it’s super cute and all true!  It’s not about Valentine’s Day, but it’s about my friend, Valentine, who makes a perfect fantasy valentine, don’t you think?

10 pages, super quickie read Valentine by CJ Starr