Trick or Eat me by CJ Starr

trick or eat me cj starrThis is one of my favorite covers and one of my favorite stories. I wrote this after the “another Halloween ruined!” incident. But, I must say, Halloween that year had a happy ending!

Trick or Eat Me by CJ Starr
eISBN 9781618290380
f/f super quickie erotica story
10 pages/ 2686 words

Bonnie and Heather decide to stay in on Halloween and “play dress up” with each other. But what costume to dress up as? When Heather offers to dress up as a man, Bonnie is unsure at first, yet the idea excites her like never before!


“Another Halloween ruined! I didn’t even want to look at anymore costumes. I wanted to go home, drink a daiquiri, and forget about how miserable I felt being single on Halloween again.

Heather held up a super-skanky Snow White dress in one hand and a see-through genie costume in the other. “What about these?”

I shook my head.

“Oh, come on, Bonnie. What’s bugging you?”

“It’s too stupid to talk about. Let’s just go home.”

“But if we don’t get a costume now, we won’t get one at all.”

“I think maybe I’ll just cut some holes in a sheet and leave it at that.”

“Talk to me,” Heather said, and I couldn’t refuse her. She was my best friend after all.

“I’m sick of being single on Halloween. Ever since I’ve liked guys, I’ve wanted to have a boyfriend on Halloween and do the whole couple costume thing.” I sighed and scanned the racks around me. Romeo and Juliet, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, a plug and an outlet. I wanted an excuse to get one of those, but didn’t have one.

“I’ll do it with you.”

“What?” I noticed a particularly mischievous twinkle in her chocolate-brown eyes and wondered what she was up to.

“We can do the couple costume thing. It’ll be fun.” She winked and put her hand on her hip. “I’ll be the boy, if you want…”

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