The Sea Bridge

sea bridge
The Sea Bridge

Duro has been banished from his village because of his homosexuality. As a fisherman, he has seen many sea creatures, but none as beautiful as the sea turtle that has captured his attention. Duro crosses over the sea bridge to another world, one of acceptance, where one can love freely. Kami teaches him a lesson he hopes will change his village forever. Duro must make a decision on whether to stay in a land of freedom or return over the sea bridge.

The Sea Bridge by GG Royale
27 pages, literary erotica m/m



One never to give up hope — even in the face of such dire circumstances as these — Duro made the manic scramble and leap to the massive stone. He dug his fingers into the rock, grasping as best he could in the torrential rain. Behind him, a wave broke over his boat, drenching him too, and his small skiff finally cracked to pieces. The white sail floated on the sea, looking like a funeral shroud.

Duro climbed up to a small, flat spot on the rock. It offered some protection from the wind, but little from the rain. He wrapped his arms around himself and tried to stop his shivering, but it came to no avail. All he could do was pray.

The storm raged on and on. Duro couldn’t even see the shore through the rain. Wind tore through the Crags, causing a ghostlike howl and throwing seawater in his face. Duro had never felt so miserable, so lost. Even when the village had declared his exile, he had seen hope. Here, he only wished his end would come soon.

His eyes grazed the water and there, only a few feet from the rock, he saw a sea turtle. Duro could not remember one so large, nor one so beautiful. Its shell gleamed like emeralds, and its eyes appeared as blue as a cloudless sky. Streaks of purples and oranges marked its face like the finest courtesan’s makeup. Duro felt glad that he had seen this beautiful creature before his passing. It seemed like something of a blessing. The overwhelming need to touch the turtle flooded through Duro. And, even more oddly, his body reacted to it. Despite the chill the wind and water caused, his manhood filled, stretched, and reached out toward the shelled beast. Duro could not remember the last time he had reacted so strongly. He touched himself through his loose trousers, almost not believing the erection that throbbed there was real.

But real it was, and Duro could think of only one thing he wanted. He wanted to feel the water around him, flowing over him, cooling his heated length. He wanted to brush his hands along with smooth shell of the turtle, to feel the flesh of its flippers. His body demanded it.

GG RoyaleG.G. Royale grew up in a small town on the Central Coast of California. She started writing erotica while in college. Her inspiration came from reading a copy of Anais Nin’s Little Birds while traveling abroad.

She began working as an editor of erotic romance in 2004 with Liquid Silver Books. In 2006, she moved to Loose Id, LLC, where she still works.

Currently, she lives in the Deep South. Ms. Royale has had many short stories published under various names. She has more books in the works, and a few stories about goddesses walking the earth.

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