The Naughtiest Student

TNS-PR-200xx300John Mercardo’s student, James Hannah, is cute, freckly, and innocent looking. It is unfortunate that James happens to also be a little crazy, since he asks everyday after class: “I want to have sex with you.” It is only when John takes him back to his place to teach James a thing or two that he discovers that he’s the one that’s about to learn a very naughty lesson.”

The Naughtiest Student by Penelope Rivers
Lust at First Sight Series
M/M 30 pages. Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs


When a person was the professor of the History of Homosexuality class like John Mercardo was, it was to be expected that some strange students migrated into his path. It wasn’t the curriculum itself, which was taught in the same manner as his Spanish courses, that drew the weird students. What brought in the bizarre crow was the fact that this class—or more rather, a set of extracurricular seminars—didn’t really fit into any major’s category, thus giving no credit besides extra knowledge. It was just there, almost as obvious as a bowl of ice cream would be inside of the meat section.

The weirdest student of all, though, he knew by name: James Hannah. He was a sweet kid, barely noticeable among the drabble of college students that came in his path, until James arrived at his seminar. Of course, he always received the same questions by one wise ass student on the first day: “Professor, are you gay?”

His answer was always the same: “Yes, I am. Just make sure that I don’t have to keep you after class. You never know what I might do.”

Usually, that depleted half of the students rather quickly. That was, for the most part, what a great deal of them wanted to know anyway. It was enough to make him want to spit. There was history in everything, especially in sexual preferences. The students just wanted reasons to gossip.

That was when James came. He sat down in the front like he always did during John’s Spanish class, eyes brimming eagerly. Seminars were hotspots for kids like him: enthusiastic to learn, the I-want-to-know-it-all. John loved and loathed that type of student.

What made James different, though, was the question that he asked after the students had cleared. John was bending down, leafing through his notes, when suddenly James materialized before him looking slightly ashen faced.

John had always thought that James was attractive, as he was a shy-faced boy with golden hair and a large array of freckles. John felt slightly bad for scaring him with his pun, having assumed that was why James was flushing. After all, he had never, ever taken a student after class. He always just said it to scare away the people that weren’t there to learn.

“What do you need, James?” John asked with a gentle tone.

“Well,” James said, shuffling his feet sweetly and looking down at his jeans. “Did you mean what you said about students after class?”

Penelope RIvers
Penelope Rivers

About the Author:

Penelope Rivers is an erotic novelist of M/M romance novels and short stories. A hopeless dreamer, she spends her day thinking about all things fantasy, romantic and not. It is her view that when you start choking on the occasionally dry bread of life, you need something sinfully delicious to chase it down with. Currently, she lives in Utah with an abnormal amount of pets.

Penelope Rivers