Summer Heat

300After college graduation, this City Girl flounders, until one night when she discovers online erotica. She goes to her boyfriend and tells him she has decided to pursue a career as an erotica writer. Her boyfriend is thrilled and offers to help her accurately depict the sensual scenes!

Summer Heat by CJ Starr is a super short Quickie Read of m/f passion. 3659 words, m/f.

Quickie Excerpt

“I’ve decided to become a writer, Tony.”

“That’s great, CJ What are you going to write?”

With a coy expression and as seductively as I could muster, I announced, “Erotica!”

Tony had stood up by then and we embraced. His hands moved predicatively to my rump, he said, “Congratulations.” Then whispered, “Want to do some research?”

“Yes, and… Starting as of now, I’m taking notes. So… You better be good.”

About the Author:

CJ Starr is the author of the City Girl series, quickie reads about women with high ambition and libido to match. College graduates who are on the lookout for their next career move, these City Girl stories feature strong women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Sexy and short, Starr’s Quickie Reads are amorous, fun, and to the point. There are over 30 stories in the City Girl series, steamy romantic stories for the erotic at heart.

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