Spring Me

spring meA college co-ed goes on spring break hoping for the ultimate orgasm. When her boyfriend gets too sun-burned to “perform” she looks elsewhere for her sexual appetite. Spring Me is a super short story of an erotica nature.


It was an exceptionally warm day. Memorial Day was only a week away. The unofficial start of summer. Shorts, T-shirts, and sandals showed up all around the campus, overnight.

Many of these items came from Florida during our Spring Break. Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando lettering, flowered across a myriad of pastel hued college spring break souvenir ware.

My own pale yellow top sported the city name of Hollywood in a white script. Hollywood is just north of Ft. Lauderdale.

If one blinks while going through it on Highway 1, one will miss it completely. The white lettering matched my shorts. I felt good about the way I looked. I was a part of the spring ritual and that, in and of itself, is a beautiful thing.

I wanted to have sex on Miami Beach.

I wanted to pen this in my diary with a flourish of artistic flowing script. I wanted to leave it exposed on my desk in the dorm so my roommate would peek into my world and see what I did. I wanted to write about screaming out in a release of pent up passion for the man I loved…

But it didn’t happen. Vincent, my choice of a boyfriend, declared, “I want to go into my wedding suite as a virgin…”

Then, he proceeded to drink more beer than Coors could brew in a week. Other guys drank a lot of beer too, but they were making love with their girls in between opening up six-packs. My girlfriend Sandy boasted that she was getting it seven times a day.

Vincent introduced me to a sweet drink called, Mango Tea. They, Mango Teas, have a lot of rum in them, some cherries and a small tuft of whipped cream on the top. They are supposed to be an erotic drink — guaranteed — to get one laid?

They do taste good, but after two in a row… I was like, Zonk! Zombie time. On our third day of partying, I did remove my bra and danced the chic-lick with Barb and Sandy. Vincent was asleep in the sun and really got burned — in more ways than one.

Dressed in shorts and a loose, revealing top, and then returned to the party atmosphere on the beach. Vincent had not moved, no one had noticed him reddening in the tropical sun; he had turned totally red in the short hour that I was away, enjoying my fantasy release.

I looked at him snoring there and kicked around the word, repulsive! I bent over him and woke him with a kiss on his forehead. He was on fire. I had a vision of him being taken to a hospital in an ambulance. He opened his eyes and smiled up at me.

“Any beer left?” “Yes… But you better get in the water and cool off.” Pain covered Vincent’s face as he struggled to stand. He asked, “How long have I been asleep?”

“Long enough to get severely burned.” “Oh Christ! Hey! I can see your nips, babe. When did you take off your suit? I need a brewski…”

“You need to get in the shade.”

“Christ! This is going to ruin the whole week. Ow!”

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Spring Me by CJ Starr. Super quickie read. m.f
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