All of CJ in All of Me

all of me
All of Me

Readers asked and CJ delivered! CJ Starr’s quickie reads are together in one book, All of Me. From CJ’s very first book, Housemates to Summer Heat, to Trick or Eat Me, which by the way, debuted at #10 on the Barnes and Noble Erotica fiction bestseller list, to her fabulously popular and ARE bestseller, Seducing the Boss, for a total of 30+ stories plus bonus material!

Quickie Reads are NLP’s signature books that are for the grownup crowd and are short and oh-so-steamy! Available wherever e-books are sold!

Amazon Associates Bookstores (Astores) to go dark

If you’re like me, an independent publisher and author, you use Amazon Associates to promote your books on your websites and probably have an Amazon Associates Astore. You probably also received an email from Amazon stating they are shutting her down! This is startling but probably not a surprise. I personally always liked having the […]

via Amazon Associates Shuts Down Astores — Catherine Burr

We are sharing this post by Catherine Burr because a major change is in the force which undoubtedly will take many indie authors and publishers by surprise. For years, Amazon has provided links to books and other products via Astores and the Associate program. This will be coming to a screeching halt soon.

What this means to you as a NLP customer. Our books are available to purchase at Amazon and other online stores, however, since Amazon is discontinuing the program, we will no longer offer an online store on our website.

We thank you for your patronage. NLP, ebooks and more since 2004!!

CJ Starr releases all stories in one bundle

all of me
All of Me

CJ Starr has released ALL of her stories in one book, All of Me!! The 340-page book is available at all major online ebook retailers.

About CJ Starr: Clementine Starr writes under the pen name of CJ Starr, is from Southern California, works in hospitality during the day and writes romantic fiction at night. The author of the bestselling, award-winning CJ Starr City Girl Series, CJ adores her fans and connects with them via social media.


Dry Spell by Catherine Burr now available

overcoming-grief-and-believing-againNew Line Press is proud to announce a new book release by prolific and bestselling author Catherine Burr, Dry Spell.

Author Catherine Burr opens the vault as she shares her personal essays of times of grief and sorrow, her near-death experience, and how she found faith again.

Dry Spell by Catherine Burr
Foreword by Emily Rose Hopper

From feeling like an atheist and questioning the existence of God, Catherine shares her most personal and intimate thoughts as she questions her own faith from feeling let down by God and how her faith was restored as it almost cost her, her life. In these short essays, Catherine shares the sorrow and loss she felt when her father died, when her best friend died, and when she herself faced death and had a near-death experience. These never before shared, short stories are like peeking into someone’s diary of utmost internal thoughts, fears, exasperation, loss, and examination of whether prayers and belief in a higher being make a difference in our lives during dry spells of our lives when faith seems to fail.

“I quit believing without a doubt and started asking questions. You can’t do that in religion. You have to believe unconditionally. That’s what religion asks of us. It’s kind of like marriage, you have to believe and love unconditionally. That’s what children are like; you have to love them unconditionally. I add as a disclaimer that I think most parents, except for the bad ones, really do love their children unconditionally. Why wouldn’t you? Some would argue, just look at your children and you’ll see God. Just look at a river, flower or a sunset or a mountain top, yada yada yada. I’ve looked in a river and I didn’t see God.”

When Catherine went through dark times, she kept a diary. With the hope of helping anyone else who may be going through a time where they may question their faith, she is opening the vault of her diary essays that she hopes will bring an existential understanding to others to know that they are not alone in their dry spell of faith.

Dry Spell by Catherine Burr
Foreword by Emily Rose Hopper
non-fiction/short stories
75 pages

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