Nowhere to Turn

Nowhere to Turn by CJ Starr
ISBN #9781618290465
Erotic Romance Quickie Read
City Girl Series #2

Lenora is an art dealer and amorous housewife. Frustrated that her husband is cheating on her, she follows him and the women she suspect is about to run off with her husband. A kidnapping ensues and Lenora becomes involved in a love triangle that she never expected. This novella is filled with romance, intrigue, suspense, and a sinister plot to get the girl.
She tried to remember where he said he was going for dinner, but her thoughts were a frenzy of every lie he ever told her. Then she remembered, the John Hancock. She tore through her closet looking for the right dress. Opting for a black number that gave her courage and showed off her cleavage, she dressed in a hurry and managed to get her makeup on in less than a two count.

She studied herself in the mirror and knew that she was a dynamite vixen, she had a natural, innate beauty and she knew it. She hunted for a small clutch and wished she had a handgun to put into it. Instead she opted for the Big Bobby dildo, and stuffed it into her purse thinking at the very least she’d wack Robert over the head with it.

By the time she arrived at the Hancock building, she had calmed down on the drive into the Loop, but after she tossed the keys to the valet and found herself going up the elevator, she started to shake. She had no script in mind for what she might say when she found Robert.

Turning more than a few heads with her stunning looks, she searched the tables on the 95thfloor and the world famous Signature Room.

She asked the hostess about dinner reservations for Robert Moore.

“Are you with the party?”

The suspicion meter in Lenora’s brain was on fire. “No. I mean, yes.” She didn’t know what she meant. Her brain was melting and she felt as if she could barely breathe.

“Well, what is it? Yes or no?”

“I’m his wife,” She blurted out. Her voice was quivering. She reached into her purse and pulled out a twenty. “Just tell me where he’s at.” She was in a hurry and had no time for small talk; she wanted to see what the hell he was up to. Robert told her he was going to a business dinner, and she was almost afraid to find out the truth.

The hostess nonchalantly took the cash. “He’s not in the restaurant down here, he’s up in The Signature Lounge, on the 96th floor,” adding under her breath, “…at a table for two.”

The words reverberated in Lenora’s mind.

“Do you know how to get there?” The hostess asked.

“I can find it!” Lenora could feel her heart breaking and wished she would have taken a Valium. It had to be a business dinner. He wouldn’t lie to her. Perhaps she was crazy and paranoid as he often accused her. But at least this way, she’d know the truth and she could get back home and snuggle back into her bed knowing she was not insane.
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