Dishonorable Duty

dishonorable duty cover final finalHave you ever fallen in love with a man you have never met? Caitlin did.

Caitlin is a strong willed, K-9 Police Officer in the United States Air Force, and after she discovers her Special Forces boyfriend is cheating on her, she swears off men for good. But when Caitlin’s best friend Jesse describes her steamy affair she had in Cuba with a sexy Army firefighter named Cruise, Caitlin’s passion is ignited for the first time in months. Caitlin can’t help but fantasize about the mysterious Cruise she has heard so much about. Secretly, she dreams of meeting him, someday. When Cruise is assigned to a base near Caitlin and Jesse in South Korea, Caitlin not only gets her chance to meet the infamous Cruise, but she embarks upon her own secret affair. The militant world that she respects comes crashing down on her as her new mission reveals the call to duty is not always honorable.

Dishonorable Duty by Cadence Dean
ISBN: 1-892851-03-2
Published by New Line Press

Dishonorable Duty Editorial Reviews

“Cadence Dean takes the reader on a tour of military life in DISHONORABLE DUTY with the skill of a gifted author and the knowledge of a true military woman. As an Air Force veteran myself, I relived my military days with Dean’s accurate and realistic descriptions yet military life was never as steamy where I was stationed!  Readers will fall in love with the hunky Cruise, yet root for the gutsy Caitlin until all questions are answered. A great read!” – Lori Avocato, author of the Pauline Sokol Mysteries

Dishonorable Duty is an action packed, sexy, romantic suspense you just shouldn’t miss.  Ms. Dean uses her hands-on knowledge of the military and spins it into a unique and believable suspense that peaked my interest from the very beginning.  With snappy dialog and exceptional descriptions, I felt as if I were set right into the life of the story.  It takes a talent writer to marry military regulation with HOT romance–Ms. Dean does it and does it well! Don’t miss this Dishonorable Duty.” – Rae Monet, author of sensual romance and Romantic Times Golden Heart Finalist  

back cover Dis Duty1


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