My Name is CJ Starr and These R My Stories Vol 1

full-cjMy Name is C. J. Starr And These R My Stories! Vol. 1 by C. J. Starr

Five delicious C. J. Starr quickie read stories about women with high ambition and libido to match! These volume includes the short stories, Housemates, Nowhere to Turn, Seducing the Boss, Vassar Girl, and Valentine.

C. J. Starr is a popular erotica author of our time. Starr breaks the rules of steamy romance by combining short shorts with romance, sensuality and humor. C. J. Starr writes about women who are strong, intelligent, fun-loving, and erotically delicious.

ISBN/EAN13: 1892851601 / 9781892851604
Page Count: 132 Fiction. Available in print and ebook


CJ Starr
CJ Starr, Vol 1. Print