Indy Girl by CJ Starr

indy girlGo inside a first date with Sylvia and Tommy as they each prepare and fantasize what their first weekend alone will be like, then ride along with them as they have intimate relations for the first time.

Excerpt: Too hot for excerpt

Indy Girl available at major ebookstores Indy Girl by CJ Starr

Behind the making of a ebook cover 

Today, I’m thrilled to have a guest blogger, Britney Bonaventure from Night Owl Designs who created my steaming hot cover for my 32nd ebook release, “Indy Girl,” which was released today! Welcome Brit-Brit!

GUEST BLOG By Britney @ Night Owl Designs

“C J Starr is one of my favorite authors to design covers for because her series, The City Girl Series, is sooo sexy!! I get to look through hundreds of images of beautiful women until I find the one that I know will make a perfect City Girl.”

I was super lucky when I found the image for “Indy Girl” cause she was so hot and she just slid right into place on the front of the cover.

Here’s the final product, it’s pretty hot, as hot as the story by CJ Starr that goes with it!

Indy Girl by CJ Starr

The short erotic story is called, “Indy Girl” and it was released today by New Line Press and is available at all major bookstores, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Britney Bonaventure, artist, Night Owl Designs

Thank you so much Britney for stopping by and sharing about your cover making experience!

Love ya, CJ

Indy Girl by CJ Starr
3618 words/25 m/f
ISBN 9781618290199