Igor and the Count

igor_fro copyWe just received a bat-mail from Count Dragula of Transexualvagina, who invited the village people to his coming out party. All interested attendees are invited to read a free preview of Igor’s coming out confession. The complete confession is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks.

~signed, Count Dragula

“A quirky little story about a quirky little man!” ~An innocent bystander!

Author CJ Starr says, “Igor and the Count” is a hysterical take on the little known fact that Count Dragula is gay. Many people don’t realize that the Count struggled with his sexual identity for centuries until a two-foot troll entered into the castle and Drago (his nickname) for the first time, with Igor’s help, considered coming out of the closet (coffin).

“Igor and the Count” by C. J. Starr is now available at your favorite eBook sellers including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks.


UPDATE: I just found out today that my gay male/male Quickie Read, Igor and The Count made the prestigious bestseller list at All Romance eBooks! I have to admit—I love it when one of my books hits a bestseller list. It’s is so exciting, and as an author, I am thrilled beyond words.

Thank you to New Line Press (yes, I sound as if I’m making an acceptance speech! LOL), thank you to NLP for the awesome and fun cover (I love the rainbow moon), thank you to All Romance eBooks, and most of all thank you to all of the fans who bought the Quickie Read (and who buy all my books).

I have to say that C. J. Starr fans are the best. I love you guys more than you’ll ever know! I truly enjoy writing each of my short stories and novellas for you guys and I am always thrilled when I have a new release, and when you embrace it with love, that tickles me to no end!

C. J. Starr fans rock the world!

Love and many hugs,
C. J. Starr