Eyes on You

Eyes on You
Eyes On You

Philip has had his eyes on Edwin for what seemed like his entire life. But Edwin never paid him much attention, but stalking Edwin can’t hold back his longing lust for Philip any longer and when they meet in a bar, Philip’s dream of being “filled up” by Philip is on the verge of coming true.

Eyes on You by Penelope Rivers
Lust at First Sight Series
M/M. 4783 words/26 PDF pages. ISBN: 9781618290069
Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs



Phillip crawled upward and stuck his tongue in Edwin’s ear just before he exhaled sharply and said, “Nowhere. You’re my first, last, and always.”

At these words, Edwin began to open Phillip’s tight business pants and revealed Phillip’s briefs underneath. Quickly, exhaling sharply, Phillip began to yank them off and lurched forward in a stealthy, cat-like way again in an attempt to kiss Edwin’s body some more. It was so pleasurable hearing Edwin moan that it was like a thousand electro waves were being sent through his body.

“Let me do something for you for a change,” Edwin said, finally making use of his prone, athletic body. In one swift motion, he had Phillip on his back before he could even breathe.

“There we go.”

If he thought that kissing Edwin was pleasurable, then it was nothing to laying underneath him in such a way, especially when Edwin removed both his jeans and his I-love-bananas boxers. Edwin pressed himself on top of him full mast, laying down and kissing him deeply on the mouth for a few minutes as their tongue caressed each others. Eventually, they broke apart.

A cocky grin covered Edwin’s face, and he started to kiss Phillip’s neck. Phillip whimpered as Edwin began to gently stick out his tongue, running it down lower and lower until he was at the very elastic of Phillip’s underwear. With the tip of his finger, Edwin gently touched the top of the white tent.

“Let’s get these off, then, shall we?” Edwin purred, grabbing the elastic and seductively pulling them down Phillip’s legs with only a little trouble. “Hmm.”

They were both naked now, and Phillip was getting desperate, his body so hungry to finish that he felt as though his entire soul was throbbing. Edwin’s muscles, the ones that he had been examining and fantasizing about for most of his life, glistened with sweat and gorgeousness. Every kiss, filled with heat and passion, made him want to climax more. If only Edwin would be inside him, filling him, then his whole life would be complete.

About the Author:

Penelope RIvers
Penelope Rivers

Penelope Rivers is an erotic novelist of M/M romance novels and short stories. A hopeless dreamer, she spends her day thinking about all things fantasy, romantic and not. It is her view that when you start choking on the occasionally dry bread of life, you need something sinfully delicious to chase it down with. Currently, she lives in Utah with an abnormal amount of pets.

Penelope Rivers