Erica’s Dilemma

Erica’s Dilemma

Fantasies are what get us through the days (and nights). Everyone has a secret fantasy that drives them wild, fantasies that permeate their very being – their sexual and lustful being.

Erica, an intimate girlfriend of C. J. Starr, relays a personal sexual tale during a long weekend away at Lake Tahoe. The two girlfriends barely leave their pillow-laden bed all weekend as they share an intimacy as only girlfriends can.


My name is C. J. Starr and I have a new story to relate. As most of you already know, I write somewhat unusual stories with a strong sexual base. Many of my contemporary authors refuse to pen what goes on in the world around us, sexually, and leave these insights to the reader’s imagination. Oh, we all know what goes on — but there is an odd aversion, a downright taboo, to being too graphic about love, about commingling, and the open act of sex — in general.

Well, I am going to call an orgasm, an orgasm and a penis, a penis in this recantation.

Although I’m not known to be a switch-hitter, this story was revealed to me during a romantic evening with a dear friend of mine named, Erica.

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Erica’s Dilemma by CJ Starr
ISBN 97816182903606
3316 words/ 15 pages
f/f romantic short story