Christmas Menage

christmas menage
Christmas Menage

Christmas Ménage by C. J. Starr is triple female ménage holiday romp. Kiki is lonely this Christmas Break until her stunningly hot and sexy roommate decides unexpectedly to return home to spend the holidays. Kiki plans an extra-special homecoming, including a limo ride by a female limo driver who soon wants in on the female action going on in the back of the car.


Dear C. J., You know how you said one should be open to new ideas, well a friend of mine told me this story, and I wanted to share it with you. It happened over Winter Break.

It was an unusually cold December; snow had piled up a good foot around town. There was a spattering of holiday decorations lighting up the evening as Kiki daydreamed while looking out her apartment window. She had decided to stay at school for the holidays.

Actually, truth be told her grades needs boosting. It started snowing again and she put away her books. She felt like her college town was a ghost town until after the New Year, at least, at the popular spots. She picked up her roommate’s December issue of Penthouse, and began paging Britney’s sexy magazine.

She was naked, playfully flicking on her clit to the arty centerfold, when the phone rang. It was Britney, “Hey Kiki, it’s me, Britney. How’s it going there?”

“Great!” she lied; she was totally bored. “I’m getting a lot of work done. There’s no one around.”

“I figured. That’s why I’m calling. I’m toying with the idea of coming back, tonight…if I can get a flight.”

“What’s up with that? I thought you were with cutesy Meg and her parents.” She immediately realized she may have sounded sarcastic. She changed the subject. “Didn’t it snow? You’re up in Aspen, right?” She sensed her jealousy but tried to hide it.

“Ah… The lodge is full and the snow’s great; but I had a big fight with Meg. I pretty much told her to kiss my ass…in front of her parents.” She let out a barrel laugh. “Can you pick me up at the airport?”

“No problem. What time?”

“Midnight. The last flight out of Denver. If I miss this flight, I’m screwed until tomorrow.”

“OK. I’ll be there, Brit.”

“Thank you so much, sweetie!” There was a short pause, and then Britney added a soft, “Love you!” And the connection went silent.

——Wait! That’s the end of the excerpt, but not the end of the story.

Note from CJ:

Dear friends,

I hope you pick up my delicious triple female romp in the back of a limo super quickie story. Christmas Menage. It’s that time of year when people are traveling and three girlfriends get stranded in the snow- in a limo. What do they do? Three guesses! Download me today! xo. CJ STARR

Christmas Menage by CJ Starr
f/f quickie read, 34 pages
Cover by Justyn Perry

Available at major bookstores
Cover by Justyn Perry
f/f/f, ménage, 34 pages