Cemetary Menage

Cemet MenageCemetery Menage, a short story by Tony Schaab is a paranormal fantasy short quickie read about a woman who is hurting. The war has not been kind and she desperately wants her man back. Will it happen? Even just for one romance filled night?

Author Tony Schaab reaches deep inside your soul and grabs at the loss and pain you feel when you’ve lost a loved one, in this case, in the war. Desperate to have her back, Tony writes a riveting, steamy, heart-wrenching and wildly romantic evening of getting satisfaction, but was it real or just a fantasy? You be the judge as you read Cemetery Menage.

About: Ashlee Rivers was living the dream. Things were going very well for her. That is until her fiancé and his best friend were killed in U. S. Army “peacekeeping” efforts in Haiti. After their funerals, a cloaked figure holding a blue orb grants Ashlee one wish, to bring them back for one, romance-filled night.

Cemetery Menage by Tony Schaab, a paranormal/sci fi/fantasy fiction quickie read. ISBN 978-1-4580-1357-6


The recollection of how she felt that night now sent a shiver through her. The mere memory of it was getting her excited; after a quick glance at the front window to insure the shades were drawn, she slipped a hand into her workout shorts and pushed her panties aside.

She went over to the oversize chair where Stack was sitting. She was still thinking that the boys might be playing a joke on her; she playfully straddled him and leaned in over him. The amount of passion in the way that he returned her kiss, had stunned her, and soon, they locked in a deep, passionate kiss.

As Stack broke away to kiss her neck, she looked over at Alex and found him massaging the bulge in his pants. Throwing herself full on into the moment, she smiled seductively at him and gave him a come over here motion with her finger. He sprang out of his seat and quickly moved behind her. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down into a rough kiss. The exhilaration of having two men kissing different parts of her body at the same time was indescribably wonderful.

She felt strangely empowered having both men at her command. It was a feeling she had never experienced and, since that night, had never felt again. Snapping back to reality, she stifled a yawn. She was determined to suppress how tired she was from her long day. She willed her mind to continue recalling her past fantasy. She moaned slightly while grinding harder against her hand and continued to think back.

After enjoying the lips of the two men, she stood up and grabbed Stack and Alex by the hand, “Now, boys,” she said, in her sexiest voice as she led them toward the bed on the far side of the room, “Ready to take this to the next level?”

The goofy grins on their faces gave her the answer she wanted. While not surprised that Stack was eagerly willing, she did recall feeling a little miffed that Alex was so ready, to do it. Nevertheless, she had quickly shrugged off any doubts as easily as she had shed her shirt, pulling it up over her head to reveal her lacy blue bra.

Ashlee loved the feeling of total control; both guys were clearly aroused just looking at her. She remembered pulling them both down onto the bed, Alex continuing to kiss her lips while Stack worked to remove her bra. Smiling at the memory, she felt her consciousness beginning to fade as her mind started to succumb to the pull of sleep. While she longed to complete replaying that wondrous night, she knew herself well enough to realize that once she started to fade, that it was a quick process until she was asleep, and here was nothing she could do to prevent it. A small sigh of contentment escaped her lips as she drifted off to sleep. She knew, if she couldn’t have Alex with her physically, that the memory of that wonderful night was enough to keep her warm.

About the Author:

Tony Schaab

Tony Schaab is a Lambda and Nebula nominated writer, currently living in Indianapolis with his wife, daughter, and dog. In addition to having stories and articles published in multiple humor, horror, and sci-fi magazines and anthology novels, Tony has a special affinity for zombies: he is the author of “Reviews of the Dead: 25 Zombie Movies to Die for,” and he runs an award-winning zombie-centric review site, TheGoreScore.com the content of which is also now available in two volumes of full-length printed books. He is currently working on authoring his next projects: the third installation of “The G.O.R.E. Score” series, and his first full-length fiction novel, “Zombies Can’t Dance.” In his free time, Tony works as a DJ, is an alumni member of the improvisational comedy troupe “IndyProv,” and volunteers at his local Humane Society.

Visit Tony and read more of his work at TonySchaab.com.

ISBN 978-1-4580-1357-6
6950 words/40 pages. paranormal/fantasy. Adult language
Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs