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Teach your children that God loves them no matter what!

God Loves Me series By Catherine Burr

paperback and ebooks

Learn more about the God Loves Me series by former certifiied Cathechist and Sunday School teacher, Catherine Burr.


God Loves Me Series Author Explains Choice of Covers and How a Series was Created

This in from Catherine Burr:

I initially wrote GOD LOVES ME and the cover was pink, I wasn’t aiming for girls, I just liked the cover and thought it fit. I wasn’t planning on doing a series for the God Loves Me books. I was just planning on writing one book, but when my sister saw the pink God Loves Me book, she immediately said I should write one for boys and have a blue cover, so I did! I loved the idea and both books became part of the God Loves Me series, they can be read individually or together, they can be interpreted as pink for girls and blue for boys, or not. The books are non-denominational but with a belief in God at its core.

The God Loves Me series are available as ebooks and print from major bookstores. Authored by Catherine Burr.



God Loves Me by Catherine Burr

When kids worry God doesn’t love them when they’ve done something bad


I wrote these children’s preschool books because I used to be a Sunday School teacher and we taught the I AM SPECIAL program, that teaches kids they are special. But, what about when kids are bad, when they misbehave, will God still love them? Hence, they books that shows, yes, their worries even when they’ve done something bad, God still loves them! They are available in print and ebooks.