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Roberta Picks Catherine Burr


Roberta’s Monthly Picks!

Roberta has declared it, “Catherine Burr month!” Here are Roberta’s favorite Catherine Burr books for the book of the month reads! That’s a lot of reading so you better get started! All books available at Amazon and BN.



A Silicon Collection

a short story (11)
Silicon Collection

Two page-turning novels in one! A Silicon Valley Collection by Catherine Burr includes Silicon Secrets and Next Exit.

Published by New Line Press
Jan 2018

He wanted it all. Why wouldn’t he? He came from a brutal background that he couldn’t wait to run away from. America would be his savior, and California, the icing on the cake. Did it matter if he was unqualified for a Silicon Valley job? Not when he had his handsome looks and suave mannerism. He soon found himself a boy-toy of executive JJ (Jennifer Jones) who would serve as his “mentor.” Lucky would stop at nothing to get what he wants. Nothing.

Called “Highly recommended!” by Midwest Book Review, Siicon Secrets is Catherine Burr’s debut novel and is a page-turner with twists and turns.

NEXT EXIT (previously published by Desires and Deceptions).

CATHERINE BURR writes compelling, longing romantic fiction and keeps you guessing until the last page. Catherine takes you on a emotional journey and doesn’t let go until you are breathless with desire and discover unexpected answers.

With sheer determination, Marisa seeks fortune in a valley she grew up in and knows like the back of her hand. Wealth abounds, but secrets more so. Marisa will not give up her search for those things she desires, even if it means secrets are never to be revealed.

Join along Marisa’s journey in early Silicon Valley, while it was still known as Santa Clara Valley; watch as the cast of characters come into play as conflicting values cross paths with those who dare enter into the Silicon Valley way. Next Exit by Catherine Burr.