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Penelope Rivers, CJ Starr, Catherine Burr, GG Royale Top Sept Bestseller List

Robertacaticon1-3 Roberta here, I’m horning into the middle of the Halloween-fest book bonanza blogmania week for a minute to announce the bestsellers for September 2016! Drum roll please! Tadaaa!! Congratulations go out to Penelope Rivers, CJ Starr, GG Royale, and Catherine Burr for topping the nlp bestseller list this month! Thank you for writing these top sellers and keep up the good work! For more information on each of these titles, click on titles to get the scoop! We now return you to the regularly scheduled Halloween-fest! Booo! dracicon1-1bar1-14

  1. Dr. Perfect by Penelope Rivers
  2. Fireman Dodge by Penelope Rivers
  3. Trick or Eat by CJ Starr
  4. All of Me by CJ Starr
  5. Captain Drew by Penelope Rivers
  6. Mr. Clean by Penelope Rivers
  7. The Naughtiest Student by Penelope Rivers
  8. Next Exit by Catherine Burr
  9. Igor and the Count by CJ Starr
  10. Vampire Menage by GG Royale

These nlp bestsellers are available at major online bookstores and from the nlp bookstore HEREbuy-at-amazon-_cb165095893_


Aug Top 10 Bestsellers

Gold top 10 winnerCongratulations to the top 10 bestselling authors and their books for the month of August! The fan favorite books are authored by Penelope Rivers, CJ Starr, Catherine Burr, and GG Royale.

  1. Love Bites by Penelope Rivers
  2. Women Rock by CJ Starr
  3. Seducing the Boss by CJ Starr
  4. Next Exit by Catherine Burr
  5. The Bean-Nighe by GG Royale
  6. Dr. Perfect by Penelope Rivers
  7. The Cat Who Went Lame by Catherine Burr
  8. Captain Drew by Penelope Rivers
  9. Fireman Dodge by Penelope Rivers
  10. Biker Babe by Penelope Rivers