Requests are now open to receive autographs from your favorite New Line Press authors. Here are a couple author links to get you started:

Winona Rasheed

Catherine Burr

How does it work? Simply click on the “Request Authorgraph” for the book you would like autographed. You will be prompted to add any personalization that you would like, and the request is sent to the author who will e-sign an autograph. You’ll be sent a link to receive the autograph and you may either download the autograph as a PDF or upload it to your Kindle. How cool is that? Super easy and only takes a few minutes.

Here are some screenshots:

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Aug Top 10 Bestsellers

Gold top 10 winnerCongratulations to the top 10 bestselling authors and their books for the month of August! The fan favorite books are authored by Penelope Rivers, CJ Starr, Catherine Burr, and GG Royale.

  1. Love Bites by Penelope Rivers
  2. Women Rock by CJ Starr
  3. Seducing the Boss by CJ Starr
  4. Next Exit by Catherine Burr
  5. The Bean-Nighe by GG Royale
  6. Dr. Perfect by Penelope Rivers
  7. The Cat Who Went Lame by Catherine Burr
  8. Captain Drew by Penelope Rivers
  9. Fireman Dodge by Penelope Rivers
  10. Biker Babe by Penelope Rivers

Guest Post: CJ Starr talks City Girls

All the City Girls have alluring girls like this one


The City Girl Series by CJ Starr are quickie reads about women with high ambition and libido to match!

The Beginning:
A group of us writers were hanging out on social media (MySpace, yes it was awhile ago!), just having fun and writing blog posts and at the same time I was trying to get short stories published. I wanted to be published, but it was mostly writing for fun.

One time I accidentally left one of my stories in the copy machine at my boyfriend’s office and people at his work started reading my pages and whispering about CJ Starr stories and between office word out mouth and social media buzz, people were looking to read CJ Starr. True story!

At the time, I had sent a manuscript to Harlequin Spice Briefs, I sent Seducing the Boss. In the meantime, of course I kept writing. I submitted to an indie press, New Line Press, two  other stories I’d written, Housemates and Nowhere to Turn. NLP bought them, and they started selling. Seven months later, when I heard back from Harlequin, I received a nice personally written email from an editor saying that they were passing on this story, but I was like, that’s ok, my books are selling now anyway! Oh, I also submitted to Ellora’s Cave, but to this day, I never heard back! lol. By the way, Seducing the Boss became my bestselling book!

My books have been on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Mobipocket, and All Romance eBooks Bestseller Lists. Trick or Eat Me debuted on Barnes and Noble Erotica’s Bestseller List at #10. I was on the top Bestseller list in the UK on Amazon, and in the US. I’ve received bestseller stars and awards, but what matters most, is writing little secret stories about women with high ambition and libido to match!

As you read each story in the city girl series, you’ll see they are filled with independent women. Emotions run high and so does drama and humor. Some of the humor is tongue-in-cheek, because city girls are witty!

These short stories are available as ebooks, and the collections are available in print. To date there are about 31 stories in the city girl series. Each story is like a TV episode. Though this is a series and each story is numbered, they are stand-alone stories and do not have to be read in any particular order. Start with #1 or jump in at #31.

Each story is approximately 20-30 pages, though some are super quickies at about 10 pages, and the longest, a compilation of my work to date, is 311 pages. Some stories are more serious than others, and some are playful, while others are deep in the message.

xo, CJ Starr


Before it gets too hectic

santas_helperBefore the holidays zoom into hyperdrive, we at New Line Press, would like to wish you a very happy holiday season, whatever your faith, whatever your belief, we have one thing in common: books and a love of reading. We humbly thank you for your patronage over the last (almost 11 years!).

Happy Holidays from New Line Press!