An Insatiable Christmas Gift

cj starr
CJ Starr

award-best-seller-searchAward winning Bestseller at All Romance eBooks . An Insatiable Christmas Gift by CJ Starr
“Merry Christmas – to Everyone!” I’m C.J. Starr and do I have a sensuous story to share with you! My friend Crystal Holly told me this tale in utmost secrecy, but then she agreed I could write about it! So pour yourself some mint schnapps and enjoy!

It was the night before Christmas when Crystal’s story began. She stuttered, she stammered, but soon, in a coherent voice, she spewed out this tale to me — in address of her sexual need.

“Dear Santa,” Crystal penned, “This is the first time I’ve written you…since I was ten. Now, I’m 25, and I make this wish for an unusual Christmas gift. I want and I need, an insatiable man.”

Crystal paused and read her own letter; pleased, she folded her missive and inserted her note into a bright, red, seasonal envelope.

Pondering a valid address, she opted for a simple: Santa, North Pole. Choosing a stamp with dancing elves, she posted her letter at her local blue-drop-box with a most diligent flair.

Shaking fresh snow from her heavy coat, and stomping her boots free of compacted snow, Crystal re-entered her cozy downtown apartment. She made some hot chocolate and plugged in her Christmas tree lights. A warm glow filled the room. She put in a CD of Holiday songs and Mia Shaun’s angelic voice filled the room and her heart with a cheery Yule spirit.

Thomas, her 9-month boyfriend, was due to arrive within the hour. He would spend the night, by mutual plan, and she believed that he’d ask her to marry him with the presentation of a diamond engagement ring — his gift to her — for Christmas.

Crystal looked out her window through the falling snow and reflected on her relationship with Thomas as she watched for his arrival.

She recalled their first meeting at Merchant’s Insurance where they both worked as Policy Underwriters. Thomas was a new hire and she was appointed to train him, show him the ropes, and to make sure that he wouldn’t screw up the fax machines, the copiers, or the laser printers.

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