Aloha by CJ Starr

CJ Starr

Abby Lang is on her way to Hawaii, in first class of course, and she is looking for sexual release! She’s been horny the entire flight. With her eyes set on the passenger next to her, Captain Howard, she’s looking at him to fulfill her burgeoning passion.


Abby’s boss, Denny, owner of the Ad Agency where she works, upgraded her flight to a first class seat. Something, which had now become a habit; Abby orders coach and Denny upgrades her to luxury.

“What’s that all about, Abby?” I asked.

Abby turned a few shades of red, and then, with noticeable reluctance, she opened up to me, “I’m an employee with benefits! It started on the first day I worked with Dennis. My portfolio was loaded with etchings, erotically oriented things. Dennis loved them, and hired me on the spot.

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Aloha by C. J. Starr
3696 words/22 pages
Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs