About CJ

My name is Cleo Jane Starr but my friends all call me C.J., and no, Cleo is not short for Cleopatra. Although I think I am as beautiful as most Egyptian Historians have depicted, my real claim to fame does not lie in my physical beauty but rather in my views and my sense of romance and the ability to pen down my own experiences and those of a few others. I am C.J. Starr, the bestselling author of the City Girl series, quickie reads about women with high ambition and libido to match.

The Beginning:

I accidentally left some of my story pages in a copy machine at my boyfriend’s office, and it started the word-of-mouth, not to mention giggles everywhere; that was how it all began!

Being independent is one of the rules for being a City Girl! 

As you read each story in the City Girl series, you’ll see they are filled with independent women. Emotions run high and so does drama and humor. Some of the humor is tongue-in-cheek, because city girls are witty!

These short stories are available as ebooks, and the collections are available in print. To date there are about 31 stories in the City Girl Series. Though this is a series and each story is numbered, they are stand-alone stories and do not have to be read in any particular order. Start with #1 or jump in at #31.

Each story is approximately 20-30 pages, some are super quickies at about 10 pages, and the longest, a compilation of my work to date, is 311 pages. Some stories are playful, while others are deep in the message. Most of all, I hope you’ll find these stories entertaining. These books are for grown-ups because sometimes it’s fun to let our hair down!