A Hot Summer’s Day

hot summer's day
Hot Summer’s Day

award-best-seller-searchA Hot Summer’s Day by GG Royale
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A trucker stops in at a gas station and has no idea he’s about to walk into a dominatrix world of passion and afternoon togetherness in a way known only to those into this level of kinky-dom.

When Bradley pulls his Dodge truck into a gas station, he is soon captivated by Dom Master Gina who pulls him into her world of domination with her power and seduction

She began to caress herself, lightly there, staring at Bradley. “I like a captive audience.” She kept her right hand stroking herself and picked up the knife with her left. Single handedly she began to cut away Bradley’s clothes, running the sharp blade down his arms, cutting away the sleeves, and cutting away the buttons. She sliced his Dockers off, down his thighs, and then savagely tore his Vans off his feet. Gina threw the pieces onto the floor.

Bradley was helpless. Despite his predicament, Bradley was still insanely turned on by the psychotic woman who controlled him. He’d never been one for kinky stuff before, preferring good ol’ fashioned white bread American fooling around to anything even the slightest bit exotic. He had no qualms against one-night stands and would have been more than happy to simply screw this girl on the sofa upstairs to pass the time, but this was something else entirely…”

“A Hot Summer’s Day” a delicious BDSM short story by erotica author extraordinaire G. G. Royale. ISBN 9781892851598. Available at major ebookstores

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GG RoyaleAbout the Author: GG Royale has been writing erotica for well over ten years and working as an editor for Loose Id Publishing. She has edited over one hundred manuscripts in print and e-book form and has written several ebook novellas and has had many short erotica stories included in anthologies.

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