Dry Spell now available in print

overcoming-grief-and-believing-againThe paperback version of Catherine Burr’s well-received inspirational/faith book, DRY SPELL is now available in print at Amazon. We hope you enjoy the deeply personal journey of Catherine’s experience, and please continue to send us your thoughts and share your own experiences with Catherine on Twitter.




2 thoughts on “Dry Spell now available in print

  1. As you walk through the pages of this astounding book, you will get a real connection of who Catherine Burr, the author is as she bares her inner thoughts and feelings and her new awakening. So, sit down, get comfy and read this book, you will come away inspired. I am so glad that I connected with this author/publisher. God Bless You, Catherine Burr.

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  2. thank you for that wonderful review!! i wavered for awhile about publishing this book because it’s so deeply personal but ultimately decided to move forward with it, as in life, things happen and you learn and try and gain insight. Us writers, we share, we write, we are deep thinkers and philosophers. Writing is a form of therapy really and sharing it is an interpersonal release — a gift to others hopefully. Thank you very much for reading and for the insightful thoughts. I truly truly appreciate it.

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