Cover Reveals

Lenora’s world was like one of the many romance novels she devoured. Except there was a problem…she suspected her husband Robert having an affair! It couldn’t be possible, could it?

Lenora by Catherine Burr (COMING Jan 2017!)
A She Knew Not series
Young Adult Fiction

Every summer, Cassie looked forward to spending long days at her grandfather’s ranch. She loved riding horses and was recovering from a breakup with her high school boyfriend. A ravenous cowboy might be just the answer to her broken heart.

Cassie by Catherine Burr (COMING Jan 2017)
A She Knew Not series
Young Adult Fiction

Published by New Line Press

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8 thoughts on “Cover Reveals

    1. Oh mercy yes, post about it because I will be waiting. After all, I do have an inquiring mind. I was working on another little book for a few days myself and wondering how I could add illustrations to it and how. Guess that’s what I will work on tomorrow, for today I am through.

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      1. yes, you should be able to add illustrations, as long as you have copyright/permission for them. Generally also, you want to make sure they are a HI Res, like 300 dpi. When you upload it for print, it should tell you is the image isn’t high enough resolution.

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      2. Yes, I heard about the hi resolution and 300 dpi. Is embedded images the same as saving and then inserting them from your computer? And if you are using copyright images from different people, how would you contribute all the different names on that page? I wish I was an illustrator and an author, then I wouldn’t have to worry about all that. LOL But heck, I can’t even draw a straight line.

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      3. you insert from your computer and when you convert to PDF, and if they aren’t automatically embedded, there is a setting in Word to embed fonts and images. Just inserting them should be fine though.

        I usually buy images that don’t have to give credit cause I’ve bought rights to use them. Check what the rights usage says from where you’re downloading.

        I would LOVE to be an illustrator!!!

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