All Romance eBooks Closing


All Romance eBooks, a distributor of ebooks, has carried New Line Press books since 2009. Today, All Romance eBooks announced that they will be closing at December end 2016. Over the941b3-arebs years, many of our authors, including Penelope Rivers, Catherine Burr, CJ Starr, GG Royale, BJ Hudson, have earned the Silver Star Bestseller Award for being on ARe’s bestseller list. We want our readers to know that though ARe will no longer be a distributor of NLP books, our books can be found on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, and Barnes and Noble, as well as through our NLP commerce site. Make sure and download books purchased on ARe before 12-31-16. If for any reason you are unable to download your books from ARe before the site goes dark, NLP will honor your purchases of our books and send you a new copy. Just send us an email or tweet.


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