Update #2 from CJ Starr

cj-starryThis in from CJ Starr,

First, thank you to to NLP for letting me write a guest blog post. On this eve of our Presidential election, I have some of my own news to share. As you know I’ve been on a sabbatical and wanted to share my progress of my journey.

As you know I asked NLP to temporarily remove my books as I meditate on my future. I am currently in the process of going through all of my books, one by one, and in addition to writing new books, I am adjusting and tweaking my entire catalog of City Girl series books to fit the New Adult or little older Young Adult. The age range for my books will be suggested to be over 16. Most of the stories are for young women, college age or just out of college. My books will have a softer language and will be filled with clean romance and lessons for young women starting their way in the world and lessons that are important and empowering. This was always my goal, to empower women.

I have already completed my first book, Housemates, which I am thrilled with, and now I am in the process of envisioning the new cover.

Thank you for being the best fans in the world. I love you!

CJ Starr


One thought on “Update #2 from CJ Starr

  1. As the books are completed and new covers created, they will be released one by one. Most likely via NLP, so watch for updates as I continue my journey. Thank you Roberta for letting me guest post today!! xo, cj

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