My Response to a Review

Authors often don’t discuss what they really feel about reviews (for good reason), but here Catherine Burr discusses what caught her eye about this review and why.

Catherine Burr

Desires and Deceptions I was strolling through Barnes and Noble online as I was chatting back and forth with my friend Winona Rasheed who is in the process of putting her books on the site, and I searched on my name to see what popped up. I came across this review of my novel Desires and Deceptions, and I’m reposting here cause it just cracks me up, and I tell you why at the end of the review.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.24.41 PM“Marisa is a poor girl who seeks more out of life and the story follows her as she grows from bratty teenager to cranky wife and hurried mother who tries to keep up with the affluent high-tech lifestyle of the San Francisco Bay Area. Marisa gets sucked into all the riches she sees before her and the quick way to make a buck disillusions her, but not as much as she begins to doubt…

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