Igor and the Count is Odd

igor_fro copy
Igor and the Count

Note from CJ Starr,
dracicon1-1 Since Halloween is coming up, I wanted to mention a Halloween super short quickie read I wrote. It is the ONLY m/m and the ONLY Non-City Girl Series book I’ve written.

Igor and the Count is a very very short story, probably one of my shortest (under 10 pages). It is also the one and only m/m book I’ve written. In hindsight, I think I would’ve not published a m/m under strictly my name or under my name at all because I generally don’t write m/m and it was such a departure from what I typically write, but my writing partner wanted to take a try at it and we did have fun with it in all its difference.

I have to say also, someone left a review on Amazon (I believe it was Amazon) saying it’s a very “odd story.” I really couldn’t agree more. Igor and the Count is a very odd story and it’s very different and as it was being written, it just sort of took on a life of its own. I do hope you enjoy it, quirkiness and all. Like I said, it’s my one and only m/m story, so enjoy!

Here’s the official blurb:

We just received a bat-mail from Count Dragula of Transexualvagina, who invited the village people to his coming out party. All interested attendees are invited to read a free preview of Igor’s coming out confession. The complete confession is available at Barnes and Noble and All Romance eBooks. ~signed, Count Dragula

“A quirky little story about a quirky little man!” ~An innocent bystander!

Author CJ Starr says, “Igor and the Count” is a satirical take on the little known fact that Count Dragula is gay. Many people don’t realize that the Count struggled with his sexual identity for centuries until a two-foot troll entered into the castle and Drago (his nickname) for the first time, with Igor’s help, considered coming out of the closet (coffin).

“Igor and the Count” by C. J. Starr is now available at your favorite eBook sellers including Barnes and Noble and All Romance eBooks. C. J. Starr is the best selling author of the Quickie Reads series of short stories about people with high ambition and libido to match. Visit www.CJStarr.com for details.



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