Train to Ecstasy

Train to Ecstasy

anne adair
Train to Ecstasy

Anne Adair has a thing for vampires. Ever since falling in love with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, she has wanted to bite into writing a vampire erotica trilogy. Anne writes fiction under other pen names, which shall remain hidden in the coven. Anne loves to watch True Blood while sipping on a Bloody Mary. Read Anne Adair, if you dare. Adair takes vampire romance to a completely new level in Train to Ecstasy.

In Train to Ecstasy, a sexual explosion between vampire curious Elizabeth and the object of her desire come together on a train bound for vampire heaven. Elizabeth and Jonathan had previously met in an on-line chat room for vampires. They decide to meet in person and she is turned as she has her first intimate experience with a vampire, one she shall never forget.

4745 words, 27 print pages. Erotic vampirism M/F. ISBN: 9781618290021



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