The Bean-Nighe

The Bean-Nighe
The Bean-Nighe

GG Royale’s The Bean-Nighe is a foreboding short story of Irishman Samuel Kavanagh, a wealthy southern plantation owner who becomes captivated by the mystery and beauty of a washer-woman, a house slave, one he does not recognize as having seen before. After his wife’s death, he takes the bean-nighe as a replacement wife, yet she behaves in a peculiar manner, and there’s always blood that seems to appears out of nowhere. He tries to remember a story that his grandmother had once told him, one about a banshee foretelling death.

“The Banshee is a feminine spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld.” – Wikipedia

The Bean-Nighe by GG Royale is based on the legend of a type of banshee called the washerwoman. If one saw her washing his or her clothes, one knew death was just around the corner.

GG RoyaleAbout the Author: GG Royale has been writing erotica for well over ten years and working as an editor for Loose Id Publishing for nearly four years. She has edited over one hundred manuscripts in print and e-book form and has written several ebook novellas and has had many short erotica stories included in anthologies.

The Bean-Nighe
Copyright 2011 by G. G. Royale

ISBN: 978161829026
Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs



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