Seducing the Boss

seducing the boss
Vassar GirlCJ Starr

Taylor O. Blake is secretly in lust with her female boss. After Taylor catches her boyfriend cheating, Taylor decides to act on her innermost sexual desires and sets out a plan for Seducing the Boss.

Steaming hot, sexual female/female scenes, I think a lot of women who have this secret fantasy of two women together, will love this story. Men who love women together will adore this story!

Seducing the Boss, a fan favorite by CJ Starr. Short erotic story. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for your e-readers.

xo, cjstarr
CJ Starr’s QuickieReads

After she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, Taylor O. Blake dumps him and looks for sexual fulfillment elsewhere. Her sexy female boss seems to fit the bill. Taylor sets her plan into motion for Seducing the Boss.

Quickie Excerpt:

“My boss, Sally Anderson, treats me like a genuine goddess, and I – well, I’ve secretly fallen in love with her. For years, I’ve looked at her with a seductive eye and yet, somehow, I’ve controlled my deeply hidden sexual wants and desires for her.”


Also available in the collection, 4 for the Road, and All of Me


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