Lucky Leprecock

Lucky Leprecock
Lucky Leprecock

Lucky Leprecock is my little fantasy story about a woman who works in a bar where most of the men are drunk and horny, just not her type. Maybe the long hours have left her with a fantasy man in mind, or maybe it was the luck of the Irish, but one year on St. Patrick’s Day a hunky stranger (of course!) enters the bar and she falls madly in lust!

But wait!

Just as quickly as he appeared, he disappears.

Was he a figment of her imagination?

Lucky Leprecock by CJ Starr
m/f fantasy erotica (mild)
5604 words/25 pages

Quickie Blurb:
O’Leary’s Pub on St. Patrick’s Day is a feast of horny men trying to grab my ass! But one mysterious man, who would magically appear and disappear out of nowhere, caught my eye, and my heart. I had to have him!

Note from the author:
Because I know you love to have beautiful covers in your e-readers, the cover for Lucky Leprecock was designed by the very talented Fantasia Frog Designs and stars the unbelievably handsome and super hot Jimmy Thomas.

About Lucky Leprecock:

Working on St. Patrick’s Day in O’Leary’s meant drunk, horny customers falling over her my double-D’s. Sid, the owner made me wear a leprechaun suit of green velvet, with a super short skirt, which the customers loved and brought in extra tips. And then, one year, the strangest thing happened, a mystery man game into the bar and immediately stole my heart and left me panting in sexual desire. But he vanished into thin air. He returned the next year, appearing almost out of thin air. I fell madly in lust with him. I had to have him. Sexually, there had never been a man who turned me on like he did, he had a powerful sexual hold over me, one which needed to be fulfilled. And fulfill it, he did!


“Well, if it isn’t my own little leprechaun,” I heard, then a laugh. “Maybe I’ll get your pot of gold this time.”

I turned, and there, at the mouth of the alley, was Fionn. I hadn’t seen him since the year before, but I definitely remembered who he was. Hell, he’d inhabited my fantasies many a night when I pleasured myself, not just that first one last year.

He approached me slowly, quietly.

“Fionn,” I whispered, and he stopped only inches from me. He looked exactly the same as he had the year before. Even had on the same hat and overcoat.

“I missed you,” he said with a lopsided grin. “Thought I’d make it back before a year was out, but I got detained.”

I still barely knew him, but my body responded to him in ways I could not control. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head down for a kiss.

He didn’t fight it. I could tell he’d wanted it too when I did. It felt like the hottest kiss I’d ever had. The heat of him seared into me, consumed me. My breasts pressed against his chest, and my nipples formed tight peaks beneath the velvet of my costume. In a second, my panties had dampened, and I felt as if I could come just like that. I’d fantasized about this moment for 364 days, and now that it happened, it felt better than I had hoped.

Available as an ebook at Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, All Romance eBooks, Amazon US, UK, Australia.

This story is also included in the book of all my stories, ALL OF ME.

cj starr


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