It’s Not Raining on Ella’s Parade

“Broken Voices” is a celebration of differences and acceptance. It is a story that will lift you up and make you feel better about the world.” – Kris Harpster

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It is hard enough being a teenager, but when you are a teenager with a secret and a physical problem that you try to hide, life can become complicated and your peers can be mean when you try to adjust to what is considered to be “normal” when you are different. Her issues are relevant, universal, and full of reality, fighting issues of yesterday, today and for tomorrow. She is a positive role model.

Ella Rose Abbott is Happy With Her 4 and 5 Star Reviews!
By Olga Verro
Format:Kindle Edition
Olga Gladky Verro, Editor of “Voices From The Past” by Orest M. Gladky recommends the book “Broken Voices” for reading to teenage girls. “Broken Voices” is a book that was needed to be written. As a former high school teacher I would have recommended this book to…

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