CJ Starr #33 Released

A brand new CJ Starr quickie read, SUMMER HEAT, has been released and is on the HOT LIST at All Romance eBooks. It’s currently 50% off (for a limited time). It’s a quickie grown-up read and to be read in the privacy of your e-reader! We know you’ll love it! Why? Because SUMMER HEAT tells the story of how CJ Starr became a racy romance author! Secrets are spilled and romance is lived! Get Summer Heat today to read tonight!

About Summer Heat by CJ Starr After college graduation, this City Girl flounders, until one night when she discovers online erotica. She goes to her boyfriend and tells him she has decided to pursue a career as an erotica writer. Her boyfriend is thrilled and offers to help her accurately depict the sensual scenes! Summer Heat is a super short Quickie Read of m/f passion. 3659 words, m/f. BUY NOW

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