Rich Men, Richer Women

Rich Men, Richer Women
Novels by Catherine Burr


Marissa Clink grew up wanting, desiring more. Life in Silicon Valley showed her so much, that she ached for a better life. She had no idea the secrets that abounded in the valley would originate under the roof of her own house.

SILICON SECRETS by Catherine Burr

Lucky Lukovich was a bit of a bastard. Literally. But, after fleeing an abusive background, he was determined for a better life in Silicon Valley. Heather, was a beach free-spirit who not only was attracted to bad boy Lucky, she held secrets that she hoped no one would find out. Ever.

These full-length novels by Catherine Burr are available in print and ebooks at major online bookstores.


2 thoughts on “Rich Men, Richer Women

  1. Reblogged this on Catherine Burr and commented:
    I’ve written 3 novels, all have very strong female characters. I believe women are strong and reflect that through my characters in my books.

    The women in my books are not perfect. They have flaws and desires and long for more. They are real women with real issues.

    Enjoy and thank you for reading ALL of my books.

    Catherine Burr

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