Congratulations Winona Rasheed and Sugarberry Books

congratulation-sayings-quotes-pictures-5-21842d73New Line Press wishes to extend our sincere well wishes and congratulations to Author Winona Rasheed and her new venture, Sugarberry Books. We could not be more proud.

New Line Press first published Winona Rasheed in 2009, with A New Home for Her Cubs, followed by Broken Voices, and Bittersweet Dayz. Winona has been on many bestseller lists at and has truly found an audience with her children’s and books for teens. Winona has republished these books with new covers and titles at Sugarberry Books, and we hope you visit her site and check out all of her books.

Please join us in supporting and congratulating Winona Rasheed and her launch of Sugarberry Books!!



4 thoughts on “Congratulations Winona Rasheed and Sugarberry Books

  1. Thank you most kindly, New Line Press.You have inspired and impressed me so much. I hope Sugarberry Books does as well as NLP as we get our feet off the ground. I am looking forward to this journey and I thank you for planting this seed in my head. Love, hugs and smooches.

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  2. Reblogged this on NLP Kidz and commented:

    Author Winona Rasheed Opens Sugarberry Books

    Winona Rasheed is the author of over a dozen books, 3 of which were published by New Line Press, has now opened Sugarberry Books, a sweet place for children and teens. New Line Press and NLP Kidz sends our congratulations to Winona on her new publishing house and we hope you check out all of her books and her blogs.

    Winona Rasheed is a true inspiration to fellow writers, authors, parents and children everywhere.

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