Literary Women Who Made a Difference

“Today’s Literary Women Who Made a Difference” Award. Presented to Catherine Burr “because she inspires me as a publisher and mentor, she is also an author and a fabulous one at that.” – Author Winona Rasheed

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Sitting at my desk in robe and jammies and guess what is on my mind. Let me tell you because you are taking too long to guess. The hot topic on my mind today is authors and their books. I am so appreciative of writers/authors because I like to read as well as write. But with my passion of writing, I’ve been doing more of that lately than reading. And when you write, most often what you have in mind is publishing when the writing is complete; which takes you into another new and exciting world, that also includes promoting. When you publish a book, it is the author’s responsibility to inspire and entice potential readers. How else will readers be drawn to your books if you don’t tell them about it, letting them know it is available. After you do that, it is such a fascinating feeling to watch…

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2 thoughts on “Literary Women Who Made a Difference

  1. I am so flattered. It’s always a joy to work with hard-working, motiviated authors who are willing to learn and work alongside, to motivate everyone who comes into contact with that person. I’m talking about Winona Rasheed!

    Thank you much for the honorable mention. I am truly honored!!

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