Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail & Winona Rasheed

NLP author Winona Rasheed and children’s book ideas for the Easter Bunny!

Nona's Place

baskets 2

In a couple of weeks adults will be running around looking for baskets and goodies to put in them for the upcoming Easter Holiday. But I am hoping while you are thinking about colored eggs, chocolate rabbits and jelly beans; you also think about slipping some great and inspiring reads into those baskets. As a matter of fact…you better get some big baskets, especially when adding my books to those goodie baskets.

Did you know that I have 11 published books and all of them on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and a few are even selling at the iTunes store. And guess what else, all of the books can be bought as either an ebook for Kindles and Nook Books as well as and I am happy to say…a print version is available as well. After all, people still like the idea of holding a real book in their hands and I…

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