The RSS Feed…What the Heck is it?

Maneuvering the elusive RSS feed. An author shares her experience. Post by @winonarasheed #amazon #authorcentral

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I was just sitting at my desk and working on doing some updating on an important site for author. Have you heard of Author Central, which is a part of Amazon? On this site, authors can list their books, do an author profile, post your photos and so much more.
Well, on this particular site, I had my blog feeds listed there too, you know those RSS feeds? Okay, so I can’t explain it to you. Feel free to respond with explanations.

Well, I ran into some trouble when I tried to do my updating, after all, I had some blog feeds listed that I don’t use anymore. They were old as dirt. So, I deleted them. Now I have two feeds listed instead of 6. It is so much better keeping up with two. But, what happened is this…I forgot how to get the feeds, that’s how long its…

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