Zippity Doo Dah and All that Kind of Jazz.

11 Places to promote your book for FREE. Compiled by Author @WinonaRasheed.

Nona's Place

spur of the  moment
Okay, I am having a spur of the moment kind of thing going on right now. Actually, I am sitting here clearing my mind and letting my eyes get back into focus and decided to write in my blog.

I am so thrilled with the accomplishment of my new book release on Kindle and Nook. But I haven’t come to the finish line yet. Do we ever get to the finish line when a book is published? I don’t think so because if you don’t promote, or spread the word, the book just sits and does nothing amazing, except to look good sitting on a shelf.

So this morning I spent a few hours online looking for places to promote my book for free. After all, this author is on a strict budget that will not permit me to sign up and purchase promoting packages, regardless of how beneficial they…

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