Catch up with Ella Rose from Broken Voices

It has been two years since Ella Rose was the newcomer attending Manchester High School in Upper Washington DC, and even though she adjusted well to her new beginnings and overcame a few bumps in the road as a Freshman, her Sophomore year improved much, making way for a promising year as a Junior. However, after becoming a little wiser and two years older, Ella Rose Abbot still finds herself facing unusual challenges in the categories of peer pressure, faulty friendships, being different, coping with teenage social trends and following her hearts desires as she plans for a special event.

In an upcoming sequel novel to Broken Voices by bestselling author Winona Rasheed, Winona delves back into the high school world as Ella Rose keeps us up to date on living with being hearing impaired and the challenges Ella Rose faces every day.

Watch for details coming soon!

From New Line Press.


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