NLP Quickie Meet and Greet

New Line Press team mascot Roberta, your go-to person for all things NLP Meet NLP authors

cb-banner-redHead Cheerleader: Catherine Burr
Catherine started NLP in 2004 as a print publisher before blazing into the digital future in 2008. Catherine is the Managing Director of NLP. She is also the author of the Silicon Valley Secrets novels, co-author of a spy novel, and author of the Shadow Cat Series. Learn more!

winona-rasheed-broken-voicesChildren’s/YA Voice: Winona Rasheed
Winona is the author of 10 books, including the bestselling YA novel, Broken Voices. She is very creative and you’ll want to follow her on Facebook!


For those who like to read steamy ebooks late into the night, might we suggest our Lust at First Sight series by Penelope Rivers, and the City Girl Series by CJ Starr.

Penelope RiversLust at First Sight: Penelope Rivers
Penelope is the bestselling author of the popular Lust at First Sight Series. She is a prolific writer with many bestsellers for you to savor. Read more.

Quickie Reads: CJ Starr
CJ Starr is the author of the popular City Girl Series Quickie Reads for grown-ups. She’s your go-to person for ebooks in the night. Follow CJ Starr on Twitter.

cj starr banner


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