Winona Rasheed Earns Outstanding Author Award

winona rasheed Author Award
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Every now and then the Internet discovers a gem of an author. An author who not only is an excellent story-teller, prolific, but also one who willingly gives of themself and does not ask for anything in return. Today, we honor such a writer, Winona Rasheed.

Winona is the author of 10 books, her young adult title, Broken Voices, has hit the Bestseller list many times, but you don’t see her bragging about that. Instead, she delves to tweet, blog, and Facebook her author and writing experiences from the heart.

Winona is always ready to lend a piece of advice, part of herself that she shares with enthusiasm and humor.

If you are on Facebook (of course you are!), you really should Friend Winona, or follow her on Twitter.

Winona is a plethora of information, always learning and discovering new writing tools and social network sites, and you’ll learn from her as she shares her knowledge.

NLP Awards is proud to announce Winona Rasheed is the first ever, recipient of the Outstanding Author Award, for her contributions and excellence in the field of literature and publishing.

Read about Winona on her NLP page.

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