Broken Voices Bestseller List in Peer Pressure

broken voices winona rashedWe interrupt the holiday season for some exciting news. Winona Rasheed’s YA novel, BROKEN VOICES, has landed on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list in the category of Peer Pressure.

If you have not yet read Broken Voices, we highly recommend that you do. It has been called a “must read” for books regarding socialization and peer pressure.

Broken Voices is about Ella Rose, who is hiding a secret as she starts a new school and fears her classmates will learn the truth.

Broken Voices will tug at your heart strings as you follow Ella Rose’s journey through her fears. Bestselling and prolific author Winona Rasheed takes us inside the minds of young people and how they view the world, and their complete and utter yearning to fit in.

BROKEN VOICES is published by New Line Press and is available in print and ebook formats at major bookstores. For copies for brick and mortar stores and for libraries or schools, please contact New Line Press for wholesale purchase, or contact our worldwide print book distributor, Baker and Taylor.

Buy Broken Voices at Amazon

Visit New Line Press

Broken Voices by Winona Rasheed
68 pages, print/ebook
ISBN: 978-1-892851-32-1
Publisher: New Line Press


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