Winona Rasheed’s Broken Voices, an Best Seller

Congratulations went out today to children’s and YA Author Winona Rasheed, whose timeless book about a young teen so ashamed with her disability that she tries to keep it a secret. Winona touches the lives of young people and anyone dealing with challenges that aren’t disabilities at all, rather challenges that people rise up to, as in the case of Ella Rose in the book by Winona Rasheed, Broken Voices.

Broken Voices by Winona Rasheed made the Best Seller List in several categories, #25 for Kindle Books in Disabilities and Best Selling Kindle Books for Social Situations/Self-Esteem and Respect.

New Line Press congratulates Best Selling Author +Winona Rasheed for writing a poignant book that deals with bullying and the challenges teens face, especially with a special circumstance such as being deaf, as Ella Rose is, in the story. Ella Rose copes in her own way and finds friendships in her new school and through the help of her friends, teaches others how to cope and gain self-esteem during already difficult teenage years.

Broken Voices is published by New Line Press and is available in print and Kindle eBook at major ebookstores, including


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