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Dabbing in Oils by CJ Starr, erotic fiction, short story.

Dabbing-in-Oils 900

8875 words. 30 pages.

ISBN 9781618290441

Linda gets involved with a love triangle as her art instructor Dr. Noose turns out to be a jealous maniac who may secretly be in love with the male model, Rubin. Before she knows it, Linda’s art lesson becomes a lesson in jailhouse sex, mayhem and getting out of a murder charge.

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Linda confided in me, “Oh C. J., it was an amazing moment standing there in the loft with Anna holding me. I could feel her voice emanating through my body, it was like a cat purring against my ear. I stopped crying. I let her hold me. It was a beautiful thing. My mind cleared of Nooses’ vulgarities. It was if I couldn’t recall any of his mockery, at all.

I recall taking in some deep breaths. That’s when Anna’s scent entrapped me. It was a vanilla with a hint of jasmine and it was a sensual rush upon my senses. That’s when I became aware of her plush body snug up against me. She’s young, she just turned 20, and I was feeling the baby fat she carried so damn beautifully. That was the moment I knew… Anna had lit some wild sexual fires, deep down into my soul.”

“Oh sweetie, that’s so touching. It’s bordering on the mystical. What happened then?”

“The freight elevator intercom buzzed. It was Noose. I was on the verge of kissing Anna. It was so insane! I had flip-flopped from a hatred of Noose, to a passionate need of making love with Anna. We… It was something we had been doing for several months. We were lovers, but it was all secretive, like a game… We always pretended that nothing had happened, afterward.”

“Wow! How cool. I’ve been there myself, Linda. Isn’t it exciting?”

“Yes. It was a tender moment, C. J., until Noose buzzed in.”

“Professor Noose, here,” he announced, with a condescending tone in his voice. “May we come up?”

“Who is, we, Doctor?” I tried to sound stern, but I didn’t. “I sounded to myself like a defeated foe, C. J.; my voice had cracked with a reluctance to respond.”

“You let him up?”

“Yes, because Rubin was with him. I wanted to see the Adonis – with his clothes on.”

“What did Anna think of this, Lin?”

“Anna didn’t know anything about Rubin, until then. So I let them up. The nearer the elevator came, the more infuriated I became. My anger was returning and I could feel my blood pressure rising. I actually looked around to see if there was anything I could hit him with.”

“Oh, you poor thing, what happened?”

“When the gate opened, I saw that he had flowers, roses. They were a peace offering. He held them out to me and announced that they were sincerely from the bottom of his heart for having upset me when he pointed out the flaws on my canvas to the entire class. He sounded so pathetic, C. J., that I accepted them. I took them and handed them to Anna.”

Rubin had stood off to the side and observed some of Linda’s work as the Noose ranted on about how sorry he was. The man spewed out the word, sorry, so many times that even he had come to realize how shallow his apology was sounding. The doctor finally changed the subject.

“Your loft is magnificent! Your paintings…” He walked to a few of the canvases, eyeing them with his master eye, then extolled, “These are…superb, Linda.” Emphasizing the superb as if his enthusiasm had set the world right and that he was, instantly forgiven his bastardly ways.

“This is when he offered me an exclusive showing at his Art Emporium on 5th Avenue.”

“Wow! I hope you accepted.”

“I did. It was a huge break. I was so excited…

Published by New Line Press

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