CJ Starr Recommends Dorm Room Romp by AK Fenley

CJ Starr fans—you will LOVE Dorm Room Romp by AK Fenley! It’s a fun, very sexy short story with delicious F/F love scenes!

Dorm Room Romp by AK Fenley


Dorm Room Romp by AK Fenley

Dorm Room Romp is a short erotica story about a college freshman who hasn’t quite found herself sexually. She has vanilla sex with her boyfriend and is so self-conscious about her body that she wears a bra when they make love! To the rescue, her bi-sexual roommate whose kisses she cannot deny. As her guard is let down and she finds sexual freedom, she even invites her boyfriend for a threesome, a Dorm Room Romp!

Trisha is an insecure and sexually timid college freshman. Her roommate Morgan is a bi-sexual free-bird. When Trish and her boyfriend Taylor have sex, it’s very vanilla and lacking of excitement. She doesn’t even take her bra off during sex! Trish is pretty sure Taylor is about to break up with her and one night when Morgan convinces Trish to have a “girls night in” evening, the two girls get drunk and before morning, Trish has her first girl on girl experience. She becomes open like never before and even her boyfriend notices a difference in her. She keeps her experimentation with Morgan a secret until the girls decide to invite him in on the action, and the trio have a “Dorm Room Romp!”

Published by New Line Press

Categories f/f

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